Be Scarily Smart This Halloween

A recent report shows that up to 90% of UK families get dressed up for Halloween every year. However shockingly, 7 million Halloween costumes ended up in landfills last year.

This is just one of many truly terrifying facts crawling onto Halloween headlines this year. Manufacturers and product designers have been asked to have a rethink about their seasonal product ranges, in a desperation to start using plant-based and biodegradable materials

The smallest change can make the biggest difference, so why not try some of these handy tips this Halloween.


18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are sent to landfill every year! Pumpkins not only look great, they also taste amazing and have plenty of health benefits. It’s packed full of vital vitamins and nutrients, as well as potentially lowering the risk of Chronic Diseases.The flesh is perfect for pasties, pies and soups. Once boiled in salted water and cooked in the oven, the seeds make the ideal healthy snack. When your pumpkin has started to wilt, put it in a food recycling collection bin or a compost bin if you have one.


Halloween costumes are worn twice on average, with 37% of people wearing them just once. Most materials in Halloween costumes aren’t recyclable, however make sure you check the labels. Why not be creative and reuse your own clothes to create your costume. For example, a black t-shirt and black leggings are ‘purrfect’ for a cat costume.  

Why not buy your Halloween costume from charity shops or ask a friend if they have a costume you can use? Be creative. Whether it’s using an umbrella to great a pair of wings or using an old sheet for a ghost costume.


Halloween decorations can be very wasteful. Always check the packaging to see whether elements or all of your props and decorations are recyclable. A lot of people forget that you can recycle batteries. Why not buy decorations that you know you will use again for the following year? That way you’re reusing and saving a lot of money!

Halloween doesn’t need to be wasteful! Small changes make a huge difference!

Why not recycle your old Halloween costumes and unwanted clothes with our Daffi-Day Scheme. Don’t forget to check the labels to see what you can and cannot recycle. Contact us now to find out more!

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