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School Fundraising Tips

Learn how to get the most from your clothing collection with our top fundraising tips below!

Use our Promotional material to good effect – Our posters are easily printed and are best placed around the school where parents can see them.

Letter to parents – time them correctly. We find that letters are usually best sent out to parents as close as possible to the collection.

Fill up the bags – Ask parents to fill the bag as much as they possibly can with the items listed – remember the heavier the weight the more money the school can raise.

Book a Daffi Day for each term – The more familiar the parents get with dates and timings the more likely they will get into a routine of recycling through school.

Make it into a fun competition – Set class targets, teams and prizes and create incentives for the classes that recycle the most.

Get family members involved – Encourage parents to ask family and friends – additional bags can be sent out or if it’s easier they can use their own black bags from home.

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