Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Time For Our Spring-Term Welsh Eco-Champion Competition!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy New Year from the Dragon Bags Team!

Dragon Bags would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. It was a very successful and busy 2019 in South Wales and we’re looking forward to an even better 2020! We have lots of exciting plans including eliminating our use of plastic bags, as well as recycling soft toys.

From September 2019 till December 2019, we held our first Autumn-Term Welsh Eco-Champion Competition, giving schools across South Wales, an opportunity to raise money not only for their school funds, but also for a charity of their choice, as well as being the Welsh Eco-Champion. 

A tremendous amount of schools entered, with new schools signing up daily to our Daffi-Day Scheme. We announced the winner at the beginning of the New Year. Our Autumn-Term Welsh Eco-Champion Competition winner was Ysgol Tir-Morfa School who recycled a staggering 1,129KG worth of clothing and shoes. Penley Madras School came in at a close second place, recycling 791KG and St Mary in Wales School came in third with 661KG.

We will be presenting Ysgol Tir Morfa Primary with a large cheque in the very near future for them to give to a charity of their choice.

Now that the Autumn-Term is over and the Spring-Term has just begun, it’s time to start our Spring-Term Welsh Eco-Champion Competition. Once again, we will match the winning schools money raised over the term and present it to a charity of their choice. If you are interested in signing up for your school to become the Welsh Eco-Champion, simply call our office on 01244 952 089 or email

We offer a free recycling scheme to schools, who can choose from either an indoor box, bags or an external bank to raise as much money as possible for their school funds. It really is a ‘win-win’ scheme. You are saving the environment and promoting the importance of textiles recycling to the younger generation, as well as raising money for your school.

It really is that simple! Sign up now to be in with a chance of being the Spring-Term Welsh Eco-Champion!

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