Happy Global Recycling Day!

Happy Global Recycling Day! This significant awareness day is organised by The Global Recycling Association which aims to highlight the role of recycling in our world today. This year’s theme is ‘Recycling Hero’ which links in well with our Spring Term Eco-Champion Competition. We’re awarding the school who raises the most funds over the Spring Term by matching their money raised and presenting it to a charity of their choice. If that wasn’t rewarding enough, the school is also named ‘Welsh School Eco-Champion’. 

The aim of the ‘Recycling Hero’ theme is to acknowledge and appreciate the work of schools, businesses and individuals putting recycling into action in their day to day life.

More than 60% of UK households say they have unwanted clothing and shoes and with over 350,000 tonnes of used, (but still wearable) clothing going to landfill every year, it’s important to understand that by reducing the amount of clothing going to waste, the more we are helping our environment.

At Dragon Bags we offer a free fundraising scheme to schools and organisations, helping them raise funds, as well as promoting the importance of textile recycling. We offer 3 options:

  • Indoor Boxes 
  • External Banks
  • Bag Collections 

We also provide resource packs which includes posters, activities and other promotional material to help push the scheme as much as possible.

If you’re interested in signing your school, club or organisation up then why not enquire now?

How are you celebrating Global Recycling Day 2020? 

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