Clothing Banks: “Let’s Put It Into Perspective”

Textiles recycling banks are on the rise, with more and more people choosing to recycle their clothing and shoes. In the UK, we throw away 570kg of clothing every minute! That’s equivalent to 4380 t-shirts.

Here at Dragon Bags, we have extended our textile recycling options for schools. Not only do we have bags, indoor boxes and our standard external banks; we are now offering 2 new styles of external banks.

The Metro Bank: This is ideal for inner-city schools with limited space. Fill it up once a week, (That’s about 7 standard bin bags worth!) with clean reuseable clothing and shoes. By accomodating a metro bank at your school, your school could raise a minimum of £1000 per year! Not only this but it divert at least 2.5 tons from landfill, which is roughly 9000 pieces of clothing per year.

The Standard Bank: The standard bank is ideal for schools with a moderate amount of car park space. Fill it up once a week and your school will raise a minimum of £2500 per year. This will divert at least 6.8 tons of clothing and shoes from landfill, which is roughly 27,000 pieces of clothing per year!

The Jumbo School Bank: Finally, we are offering Jumbo School Banks. These are ideal for schools looking to place bank in a communal area for the surrounding community to get involved. Fill it up once a week and your school will raise a minimum of £4000/year! This will divert at least 10.4 ton of textiles and shoes from landfill which is roughly 41,000 piece of clothing!

So what’s next? Simply email us at or call our office on 01244 952 089 to enquire about having one of our external banks at your school. We will then arrange a date and time to suit you to have your external bank place. You will recieve a free welcome pack to get the scheme up and running. Once your bank is full, simply contact our office and we will arrange for the bank to be emptied at a convient date for you.

We’re also hosting our Welsh Eco-Champion Competition every term, which is a great incentive to get your students recycling as much as possible. The school who has raised the most money over the school term, we will match their money raised and present it a charity of their choice.

Time to start recycling and pick a bank that suits you!

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