Have You Signed Up Yet? Ymunwch Nawr!

We are a local, award-winning clothes recycling business which focuses on schools around the North and South Wales area.

Dragon Bags offer a unique recycling scheme and pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to Schools, charities and organisations throughout the whole of the North & South Wales, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol and just last year, we were awarded the  Queens Award for Enterprise / International Trade by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

As more and more schools and organisations are becoming Eco-friendly we look forward to encouraging and involving them in our recycling scheme for the new academic year (2019 / 2020).

We have now expanded our services and have three options for you to choose:

Option 1:  EXTERNAL CLOTHING BANK  : If required we can deliver an external clothing bank to your site. The dimensions of the metal bank are as follows: H: 165cm, W: 114cm, D: 114cm. We pay £400/ton (40p/kg) There is currently a small waiting list.

Dragon Bags External Bank

Option 2:  JUMBO INDOOR RECYCLING BOX  : We can supply you with a jumbo indoor clothes recycling box that can live in the communal area and raise funds all year round (each full box of bagged clothing can raise up to £75 each time). We pay £400/ton. (40p/kg). The size of the box is H: 120cm, W: 88cm, D: 88cm. Our recycling boxes are more suited to schools or larger organisations that foresee themselves having multiple collections with us. (In stock)

Dragon Bags Jumbo Indoor Recycling Box

Option 3:  BAG COLLECTION : We supply you with recycling bags for parents to take away and bring in on a day that is mutually agreed (usually schools will have four recycling days a year).For this type of collection we pay £500/ton. (50p/kg)(In Stock)

Dragon Bags

Our services are completely free of charge. This includes any bags that we send out, boxes/banks that are delivered and any collections we provide. We then pay a BACS payment directly into the school account within 5 working days of collection.

Each major term, we are also running a Welsh School Eco-Champion Competition, whereby the school that collects the most amount of clothes in weight will be rewarded by us matching their money raised and presenting it via cheque to a charity of their choice.

Sound ideal for your school? Why not call us now on 01244 952089 or email office@robertsrecycling.co.uk to sign up now!

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